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Women Are Basically Voting With Their Vaginas No Matter What They Do

In a segment from last night’s The Daily Show, Jessica Williams breaks down the two ways women can vote.

If you’re voting for Bernie Sanders, it’s probably because you’re a lady who’s thinking with her boy-crazy vagina and the boys like Bernie. If you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, it’s obviously because she has a vagina and you have a vagina and that’s a good enough reason for you. At this point it seems like the only way a woman can prove she’s not voting with her vagina in this election is if she votes for Donald Trump (shudder).

Either way, the apparently popular notion of democracy-by-vagina is a problem, as J.Willy patiently explains in the video above. And it’s distracting women from getting what they really want: tax-free tampons and the right to vote for the person they want to vote for without mention of their genitals.

Women: Voting With Their Vaginas No Matter What