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What to Do With Your Copy of Fifty Shades of Grey Instead of Donating It to Charity

Photo: Oxfam Castle Street Swansea/Facebook

The not-for-profit Oxfam bookstore in Swansea, Wales, is begging customers to stop donating their copies of Fifty Shades of Grey. Phil Broadhurst, the owner of Oxfam, told Metro that the donations have turned the store into a Fifty Shades “retirement home.”

“Enough is enough,” he said.

Can you donate Some Product to Oxfam? (We are happy to take anything, but 33rpm records would be better than 50 Shades Of Grey books if possible :))

Posted by Oxfam Castle Street Swansea on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Since no one wants your used copies of Fifty Shades, here are some other suggestions for what to do with the erotic novel:

• Integrate it into your BDSM ritual, whether that means discovering the unknown ecstasy of the paper cut, or getting spanked with a piece of literature born out of Twilight fan fiction.

• Burn it as a sacrifice to the gods of pleasure and the gods of pain.

• Reread it again and again as a way to torture yourself so deeply it becomes titillating.

• Get into the ancient art of xylophagia.

• Recycle it, and by doing so, save the planet!

Don’t Donate Your Copy of 50 Shades to Charity