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9-Year-Old Girl Completes Navy Seal Obstacle Course Like It’s No Big Deal

While being interviewed about the 24-hour Navy Seal obstacle course she was about to embark on, 9-year-old Milla Bizzotto says to the camera, “The 15k was easy.” Then she points out that on the last obstacle course she did with her dad — whose job it is to train people for things like this — she actually ran ahead of him.

Milla — who started training for Navy Seal obstacle courses with her father after she got bullied in school — completed the Bullfrog challenge, which “includes running 36 miles, swimming an eight kilometer course and 25 obstacles, for six laps.”

Milla’s dad says that her getting bullied “died down” after she started training, “without her having to take physical action just because her outlook is so much different now that she knows how to defend herself.”

This reminds me: It’s literally been a year since I went to the gym.

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