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Aide to Alabama Governor Robert J. Bentley Resigns After Bentley Admits Making ‘Inappropriate Remarks’ to Her

Robert J Bentley
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Rebekah Caldwell Mason, a top aide to Alabama governor Robert J. Bentley, resigned after a recording of Bentley making inappropriate comments to her surfaced.

Yes, you read that correctly. She resigned. He has admitted to making the comments, but still holds office. However, Representative Ed Henry is planning on introducing legislation to impeach Bentley “because the governor has lost the confidence of lawmakers and voters.”

The Associated Press reports, “Recordings … purportedly show the governor … professing love to someone named Rebecca or Rebekah and telling her how much he enjoyed kissing and touching her.”

There are no recordings of Mason making any comments to Bentley. In a statement released last week, Mason said that the governor “apologized to me and to my family, we accepted his apology and have put all of this behind us.”

Alabama Aide Resigns Amid Sex Scandal