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Axe Body Spray Responsible for Emergency Evacuation of Church and Day Care

Photo-Illustration: Severin Schweiger/Corbis, Axe

A church and a day-care center were evacuated in Seattle after a backpack giving off “cough-inducing fumes” was left in the bathroom. The culprit? None other than the trademarked scent of the eighth-grade boy, Axe Body Spray.

The building was evacuated and the Seattle Fire Department soon came to the rescue. They sent in a hazmat team, which discovered the body spray. The can was malfunctioning, apparently, and would not stop releasing fumes.

Axe Body Spray has caused trouble in the past: In 2013, eight Brooklyn students were hospitalized due to its noxious fumes. And just the other week, it caused notable feminist Matt McGorry to burst into tears.

Axe Body Spray Causes Evacuation of Day Care