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5 Fancy Shower Caps, Tested by a Large Head

What's the best shower cap?
What’s the best shower cap? Photo: SuperStock/Corbis

Hi, I have a massive head and don’t love getting my hair wet. Bobblehead-beauty-editor problems, party of one.

The Shhhowercap.

Shhhowercap the Posey, $43 — With a chic knotted-turban style, this doesn’t make me look like Strawberry Shortcake. And the bathing-suit-like material muffles the shower spray so that it doesn’t sound like a rainstorm rattling a tin can. The only con is that the cap doesn’t quite fit my abnormally large head. The elastic around the rim doesn’t have enough give. I wanted to love this, I really did, but it’s not the best option for those — like me — with plus-size heads.

The Louvelle.

Louvelle Amelie Showercap, $40 — Like the Shhhowercap, this has a cute turban design that makes you look like a glamorous extra in an Esther Williams movie, rather than your landlady. The elastic sits comfortably and the stretch is evenly distributed so that it almost fits my head — almost. This whole experiment is really making me come to terms with exactly how large my head is. But if you have a normal-size head, this is a great option. Ashley Weatherford, the Cut’s non-giant-headed associate beauty editor, says she finds the cap so stylish that she likes wearing it just to look in the mirror. She admits that it’s kind of a tight fit though, even for her.

Drybar’s Showercap

Drybar the Morning After Showercap, $16If the other shower caps were too small, this one is so big that putting it on makes me look like Toad from Super Mario Brothers. But what it lacks in style, it makes up for in functionality. It’s so large that it acts like a bubble hat following my blowout, so that none of the volume or waves get smushed. It’s also incredibly secure, with a terrycloth lining that doesn’t make my head sweat. The elastic around the rim is also soft, so it doesn’t cut into my forehead and leave a mark.

A showercap that matches Cookie.

Betty Dain the Socialiate Safari Spots, $9.95 — This is another extra-large shower cap. It is so loudly leopard-printed that it could be one of Cookie’s shower-time accessories from Empire’s first season. It’s brash, it’s confident, and it’s effective. Not a drop of moisture will get onto your head to ruin your blowout. If you need help combating your Imposter Syndrome in the shower, this is for you.

Klorane the Shower Cap

Klorane the Showercap, $15 — I find it hard to believe this ordinary shower cap from France’s favorite dry-shampoo brand is what Parisians use to protect their heads from moisture. Maybe they should get Jean Paul Gaultier to design a diffusion line — he does tea canisters now, so why not lend his talent to elevating shower caps? But what it lacks in aesthetics, it makes up for in practicality. It has a waxy, insulted top that dulls the sound of the shower into a gentle murmur and shields the head from steam and water. Not quite as big as the Drybar one, this is a good option for those with extra-large, rather than extra-extra-large, heads. 

5 Fancy Shower Caps, Tested by a Large Head