The Best, Worst, Craziest Street-Style Shoes From Fashion Month


After a whirlwind Fashion Month that kicked off with freezing cold in New York and ended with unpredictable weather that spanned Milan to Paris, the street-style bunch definitely rose to the challenge of dressing stylishly. Some fared better than others but one thing remained constant: They always had great shoes. Much like last season, anything Gucci was surefire photographer bait while Céline remained a strong contender. Also in the mix were spindly heeled boots from Vetements — they’ve squarely established themselves as the latest street-style hit. Click ahead to see those, plus furry flats, non-sexy Lucite heels, and the prettiest Dior boots in our roundup of the best, worst, and craziest shoes from Fashion Month.

The Best, Worst, Craziest Street-Style Shoes