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Braiding Hair Is No Longer a State Crime

Photo: Ruslan Dashinsky/Getty Images

According to the dudes who make up most of our government, hair braiding is a dangerous, serious business and must be regulated as such. Most states, including New York, demand licenses and have costly educational requirements for stylists to braid hair, but one state is going against the norm. Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts just signed legislation into law that will no longer require braiders to obtain a license, which in the state included a $22,000 tuition tab at cosmetology school.

“For somebody who is a young single female, potentially a young single mom, who doesn’t have a lot [of] resources and is already struggling to make ends meet, cosmetology in the state of Nebraska is expensive,” Nicole Fox, the Nebraska state senator who introduced the bill, told the Daily Signal.

Prior to the new law, if you braided hair without a license in Nebraska, you would face up to three months in jail and $500 in fines. Further infractions included $25,000 in fines and a felony charge. 

Now that the menacing practice of hair braiding has been dropped from bureaucratic scrutiny in Nebraska, perhaps more states should follow. New York, say?