Charlize Theron Denies Ghosting Sean Penn, Though No Ghosting Jury in the World Would Have Convicted Her

Photo: JP Yim/Getty Images

Is “the fact that he is Sean Penn” not enough to end a relationship for you people? There has to be another tragic layer? Academy Award–winning actress Charlize Theron informed WSJ Magazine that she did not, in fact, end her long-term relationship with Sean Penn by ghosting him last summer. “There is this need to sensationalize things,” Theron explained. “When you leave a relationship there has to be some f—ing crazy story or some crazy drama. And the f—ing ghosting thing, like literally I still don’t even know what it is.” Said the Mad Max: Fury Road actress, “It’s just its own beast. We were in a relationship and then it didn’t work anymore. And we both decided to separate. That’s it.” See, Charlize couldn’t have ghosted. She doesn’t even know what that is. Actually, if Charlize Theron didn’t know what ghosting is … isn’t it possible she did ghost Sean Penn and just called it “Dear God, it recently dawned on me that I’m dating Sean Penn. Someone take my phone, crush it under a steamroller, and scatter the shards in a sulfur spring for me?” Let’s let the ghosting courts decide.

Charlize Theron Denies Ghosting Sean Penn