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The Trump Campaign Might Have Met Its Match: Cher and Her Twitter Account

Cher has Twitter game. Photo: Donna Ward/Getty Images
Cher has Twitter game. Photo: Donna Ward/Getty Images

Arguably one of the most entertaining celebs in the Twitterverse, Cher comes up with some doozies. I became a devotee of the all-caps queen a few years back, when she sent out a tweet to her followers that mainly focused on this thought: “GUMMY BEARS.” The two words written in this abrasive manner were confusingly pleasing, and I was hooked.

In recent news, she aimed her caps-lock key in the direction of the Trump campaign, to which she sent the following (among other emoji-laced gems):

To continue, here is the most perfectly captured interaction between Cher and an obvious Trump evangelist, regrammed by Juliette Lewis, who christens this the “best comeback ever.” Yeah, no arguments:

Be the Tweet-jabs lowercase or all-caps, Cher can sure dish them out. And all of social media will be hard-pressed to find someone who can write 140 characters or fewer with quite the same edge.

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