Dads Want to Have Baby Showers, Too

An example of a dad shower cake.
An example of a dad shower cake. Photo: mandwill/Instagram

One of the alleged gifts of being a woman is the ability to create life. Sure, that also includes nine months of gestation followed by the actual birth, but before the brutal labor you get a party! Expectant fathers miss out on all the physically stressing joys of pregnancy and birth, but they can throw themselves a baby shower.

Mashable reports that over 2015, searches for “man showers” increased by 149 percent on Pinterest. A cursory search on the site shows a wealth of dad baby shower ideas, including beer cakes in place of the traditional diaper cakes and koozies celebrating expectant dads. The themes for these “Huggies and Chuggies” (yup, an actual term) tend toward fratty male stereotypes like beer, wings, and more beer.

They spoke with a man who had thrown himself one such dad shower, which consisted of renting out a local restaurant, eating food, and not playing inane baby-related games. “There’s a lot of ‘American’ tradition around bridal showers and baby showers for women, so it was nice to put something on the calendar for my friends,” he said. “I’m sure a lot of other men would enjoy the same.” He’s not wrong — everyone loves a party, especially when the guest of honor can drink and eat unpasteurized cheese.