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It Looks Like Trump’s Campaign Photoshopped in a Model With Darker Skin

Busted. Eric Ming/Twitter
Busted. Eric Ming/Twitter

It seems Trump’s campaign is really working hard to achieve diversity post–Super Tuesday. They’re working so hard, in fact, that they went to the trouble of Photoshopping a white model to give her darker skin in a merchandise ad, according to the Huffington Post.

Eric Ming, who works for Senator Donna Edwards, sent out a photo of the ad on Twitter:

The photo on the left: Trump’s online campaign swag shop. The photo on the right: the original photo from jcgapparel. This wouldn’t be far-fetched from the Trump camp, but still, so not a cool move.

But wait! It looks like the campaign changed the photo back to one featuring a white model, according to BuzzFeed. Hmm.

Did Trump’s Campaign Photoshop in a Black Model?