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Just a Ridiculous Pile of Fur to Get You Through Thursday

Photo: Cincinatti Zoo/Instagram

Thursday, known in some circles as “Tiny Friday,” is not the easiest of days to get through. Anticipation for the weekend can be enough to drive a woman crazy, so why not cool your dang jets and let this video of some tiny cheetah babies and their surrogate dog dad, Blakely, wash over you? It’ll be Friday before you know it.

After the mother of the fresh cheetah cubs died following childbirth at the Cincinnati Zoo this month, it seemed that her babies might be left without hope, too. But not when the zoo brought in resident nursery dog Blakely to add to the fur pile. The cubs reportedly turned a corner quickly. Dawn Strasser, head nursery keeper of the cubs, explained, “[Blakely’s] first job is to let the cubs climb on him, which they did as soon as they were put together. They need the exercise to build muscle tone and get their guts moving.” Dogs and cheetahs: friends? Who knew?

A Cute Pile of Fur to Get You Through Thursday