End Times Girls Club: Your Guide to Looking Cute As the World Burns Around You

Can you pack a go-bag with only $50?
Can you pack a go-bag with only $50?

The fact of the matter is: The world will come to an end someday. Are you prepared to navigate The Road–like conditions, eat snake eyeballs like Bear Grylls, sleep in hammocks made from the hides of bears you speared yourself? Hardly! But at least now we have a guide to looking cute and staying fresh while the world burns around us.

End Times Girls Club, from the imagination of NYU/Harvard grad Rose Schlossberg and improv comedian Mara Nelson-Greenberg, features Bee and Lara, two gals who are committed to making sure the end-time is still fun for the ladies. Girls, don’t you want to know how to make the most of the apocalypse? Let End Times Girls Club guide you.

Ever wondered how to pack a proper go-bag with only a $50 budget? Bee and Lara walk you through their hauls from the army-surplus store!

Not sure how to start a fire to keep you warm through the long nights after Judgment Day? Why not test out your fire-starting skills on your ex-boyfriend’s stuff!

Worried that all of your beloved makeup will surely be lost when half of America is hit by an enormous unforgiving meteor? Here are some recipes for making mascara with ashes and auto grease!

The six-episode series premiered with Above Average Productions this week. More episodes to come, hopefully before the world ends.

End Times Girls Club: Cute and Apocalypse-Ready