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These New ‘Femoji’ Are Giving Me PMS

No thank you.
No thank you. Photo:

In today’s cringe-worthy corporate feminist news, sanitary-napkin company Bodyform is campaigning to include six period-themed emoji — or “femoji” — in the next emoji keyboard. Because apparently, 😫📍🙅 is not enough.

The marketing director of Bodyform, Nicola Coronado, said the company wants “to break down the taboos around periods.”

The company even tweeted this totally realistic group text between some ladies who say “F U” to their diet when Aunt Flo comes to town!

Cornado also said, “Let’s be honest, if an aubergine can prosper on your list of frequently used emojis, we’re certain that you can find a million-and-one uses for Bodyform femojis!”

I’ll take an aubergine — also known as an eggplant — over period emoji any day. An aubergine is celebratory and fun. It can be used to express your enthusiasm for your most recent hookup or your favorite Italian dish or as an abstract portrait of your #goals.

Period emoji, on the other hand, are literal and stereotypical representations of what happens on your period. Yes, perhaps you get bloated, you cramp, you get PMS, you might break out, you might use a pad, and you occasionally leak. Part of the fun of emoji is the limitations of the keyboard, that you can’t use most of them literally.

Our verdict on period emoji? 👁💔🍼🌶🌪🍌🌚🎈🍆🇨🇦

These New ‘Femoji’ Are Giving Me PMS