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Be Nice to Your Co-workers — They Could Be Your Mom

Oh damn.
Oh damn. Photo: TLC

Look around you: Do any of your co-workers resemble you? Do they have your eyes, your weird eating habits, your general aloofness about life? Ever consider that maybe one of them is actually your real mom?

No, just kidding, but that did happen to a woman who is featured on TLC’s new show, Long Lost Family, where adoption experts connect people with their biological relatives. Jenny Thomas had been searching for her birth mother for 15 years when she learned that not only had she been living in the same town as her, but they had worked together at a hospital in Rochester, as well. They interacted on the job on a regular basis though Thomas says she didn’t feel an immediate connection with her birth mother. 

“I had looked in so many faces for so many years, [thinking] ‘Could that be her? Is she looking at me because she knows me?’” Thomas said on the show. “All the while I had looked at the woman who once knew me as her daughter.”

A strong argument for being nice to even the worst person in your office.

Here’s a Good Argument for Being Nice at Work