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Straight White Dude Billionaire Says He’s Never Blocked Anyone on Twitter

Jack Dorsey.
Jack Dorsey. Photo: Yana Paskova/Bloomberg Finance LP/Getty Images

When it comes to online harassment, straight, white, rich men are generally not high on the list of targets. So it kind of makes sense, then, that Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey wouldn’t have much use for his platform’s block button.

“I get some complaints,” he told the Today show. “I get some nastiness every now and then. I can block people, I’ve never blocked anyone. I want to see what people are saying, and I want to hear from them.”

How nice it must be to not have your finger constantly poised over the block button, waiting for some egg to inevitably pop into your mentions with a sexist insult. Then again, it’d also be nice to be worth $2.3 billion. Hey, Jack, wanna swap lives?

Jack Dorsey Says He’s Never Blocked Anyone