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Justin Trudeau Gets More Appealing With Every Word

Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime feminist.
Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime feminist. Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

There are so many reasons to love Justin Trudeau: He appointed a bunch of women to his cabinet. He’s half of North America’s greatest political bromance. He has great hair. But high among them is unwavering dedication to feminism, and declaring himself a feminist.

During an interview with Vox, Trudeau went expanded on his feminist cred. “I talk about the fact that I’m a feminist as often as I can, and each time I do it gets a huge reaction and the Twitter verse explodes,” he said. “I will keep saying that until there’s no more reaction.”

Trudeau also talked about providing good feminist role models for his children, particularly his sons. “I talk to our daughter, Ella all the time about how she can do anything she wants and she’s just as good as any man, and she’s better than any man because she’s brilliant and she’s wonderful,” he said. However he hadn’t considered teaching his two sons that women were their equals — at least until wife Sophie called him out on it. He recalled: “Sophie is like, ‘How are you training your sons to be focused on women’s rights and women’s opportunities the way you’re focused on telling your daughter that she can be anything?’ That for me was a really important wake-up.”

If there’s anything as excellent as your political bae bring proudly feminist, it’s him acknowledging that he listened when his bae challenged him to be a better one.

Justin Trudeau More Appealing With Every Word