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J.W. Anderson’s Artsy, Cool Hoodie, to Wear Now

Photo: Bernhard Deckert

One of the biggest street-style trends this past Fashion Month was the comeback of the high-fashion hoodie. Whether it was those Thrasher magazine ones, the Vetements styles, or some anonymous brand, hoodies were both a practical and cool way to battle February’s insane cold. While it’s warmed up since then, the look still feels fresh for spring, especially with J.W. Anderson’s take on it.

The designer has a space called J.W. Anderson Workshops, which serves to highlight artists and collaborators. After kicking off with indie editor Luis Venegas, he’s teaming up with photographer Ian David Baker. Baker is best known for capturing the teenage culture during the protests and parades of the 1980s. The partnership includes a book, T-shirts, scarves, and most important, two hoodies that feature patches of Baker’s photography. Thrown over jeans or layered over a midi-skirt, it’s a unique, artsy way to wear the trend.

J.W. Anderson Workshops x Ian David Baker Candy Floss hoodie, $280 at J.W. Anderson

J. W. Anderson Workshops x Ian David Baker Montage VI hoodie, $280 at J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson’s Artsy, Cool Hoodie, to Wear Now