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Kanye Uses Age-old ‘It’s Performance Art’ Excuse

The Artist Is Present.
The Artist Is Present. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The master of the controversial tweet, Mr. Kanye West, dropped a truth bomb earlier today.

You see, Kanye’s tweets are not necessarily indicative of Kanye’s opinions because they are Art. Kanye’s tweets are a mere reflection of you and our larger cultural consciousness. Kanye knows Bill Cosby is guilty, but he was brave enough to subvert a pretty commonly held belief — Cosby is guilty — and assert “COSBY INNOCENT” because what happens then? How will Society respond?

In his most influential art piece yet, titled @kanyewest, he has waxed poetic about the struggle of getting a Persian rug with cherub imagery and the deep emotion mere fonts can inspire.

Looks like the world has found the new Jenny Holzer.

Kanye Uses the ‘It’s Performance Art’ Excuse