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Kanye Wants to Disrupt the Fashion Calendar

Kanye West, fashion revolutionary.
Kanye West, fashion revolutionary. Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images

Kanye has long been the established king of the crazy Twitter declaration. He’s an auteur of social media pronouncements from sick pants burns to enragingly wrong opinions to tweetstorms of his self-declared fashion genius.

Today he popped into his favorite public stream-of-consciousness platform (Twitter, natch) to announce that he’s going fashion rogue and upending the traditional show calendar. ‘Ye’s new plan is to pull a “Mad Max” and drop a whopping six collections a year and three albums. Presumably, this can only mean an ever-escalating series of fashion-event blowouts that will also incorporate flame-guitars, George Miller–choreographed road races, and knee-baring shredded denim. The fuccbois of the world will be in nirvana.