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Kim and Amber Are the Best New Power Couple

Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

When Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose held their summit last month, it was a move straight from the annals of political negotiation (or, really, House of Cards): Two powerful people, historically opposed, secretly enter a back room and emerge with a peace treaty in the form of a selfie.

Who knows exactly what happened or what was said? Maybe Rose and Kardashian realized they have so much in common (a love of tight clothes, great butts, a knowledge of angles to rival a geometry teacher’s, the ability to endure dating Kanye) and realized they are fighting the same fight (the fight to take whatever semi-nude or totally nude selfie they want). Maybe Kim felt like she needed to apologize to her husband’s ex for his sins, because he was obviously never going to make things right. Maybe they realized their bad air was the result of things that had little to do with them (the patriarchy, Yeezus’ ego, whatever). Or maybe they just cracked open a couple of Bud Light Raz-Ber-Ritas, swapped lighting tips, gossiped about Chyrho, and bonded over the terrain they both know well.

But what is now clear is that this wasn’t just a one-off Instagram opportunity; it was the beginning of an actual alliance, solidified yesterday when Rose stepped up to Kim’s defense. P!nk had dragged Kim’s name across the internet in the name of #InternationalWomensDay, and here’s what Rose wrote — defending her own interests, yes, but also Kim’s right to post whichever nude selfies she wants:

Photo: Pink/Instagram

Ah, Amber. Ah, Kim. What a beautiful couple. Can we call them Kimber? We’re going to call them Kimber. I’m filled with warm, pro-sisterhood fuzzies. I want to rent a cabin upstate and host an empowerment weekend in honor of their bond. When two women who were in an alleged feud for stupid reasons (a dude) decide to join forces and defend their own sexuality, credibility, and the right to thirst-trap, that combined power knows no bounds. Just imagine what else could be: a joint Slut Walk next year, co-hosted by Kim Kardashian? A reality show? A talk show? A book? A lecture series? How about an advice column?  And the Instagrams, guys, just think of the Instagrams.

Kim and Amber Are the Best New Power Couple