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Man Finds Yet Another Reason to Regret Ear Gauges

Padlocked. (Grim Fandango Matthews/Facebook)
Padlocked. (Grim Fandango Matthews/Facebook)

A man who goes by the name Grim Fandango Matthews on Facebook posted a shocking photo on his page. And apparently, he was just as shocked to find a padlock (yes, a padlock) on his ear. Matthews posted the profanity-laced story to his page, implying he didn’t know someone had attached the lock to his ear-stretcher:

“So guess what some little w-nk stain just did to me if i find you i will put you 6 feet under end of rant c-nt.”

Sorry, but how do you not know that someone adds a sizable weight to your ear and then locks it there? The mysteries of life.


Man Says He Didn’t Notice a Padlock on His Ear