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Be Afraid of Miley Cyrus’s Screaming Macaulay Culkin Purse

Kevin! Photo: Allan Bregg/Splash News/Corbis

Miley Cyrus and Macaulay Culkin, they of childhood fame and troubled stardom, were seen together in New York City. Specifically, Miley strapped an updated version of Macaulay’s screaming Home Alone face over her shoulder and headed to the set of Woody Allen’s ‘60s-era Amazon show. (She’s starring alongside Elaine May.) Compared with Culkin’s recent interpretation of a hair-bag adult Kevin McCallister, this look is an improvement: arched brows, cat-eye makeup, and flaming red nail polish. Bless you, Miley: Kevin McCallister has never looked so good.

Be Afraid of Miley Cyrus’s Screaming Purse