are we human or are we cupcake

Turning Into a Cupcake Is Not As Cute As It Sounds

A new advertising campaign by the Diabetes Association of Thailand shows the horrifying effects of eating too much sugar: Your skin rots, rendering you part cake, part human. Ahhhhh!!

Photo: Diabetes Association of Thailand

An inverse of the New York City Department of Health ads, which featured soda bottles brimming with human fat, these ads depict some cake-inspired gangrene.

Are they shocking? Sort of.

Photo: Diabetes Association of Thailand

Are they effective? A 2014 study published in the Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences says not really — for we are in the era of the internet. Every day we are confronted with a fresh new hell. We’ve seen goatse. We’ve seen “Two Girls One Cup.” We’ve been Rickrolled.

These cake-human monsters are merely a drop in the bucket.

So, anybody want to share this pie with me?

Not As Cute As It Sounds: Turning Into a Cupcake