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Oh Good, Another Meme Cat

Are you here for this meme?
Are you here for this meme? Photo: @coen.ava.rey/Instagram

I know you remember Grumpy Cat. I know you can imagine his dumb meme face right now as you read this, and I know you’re thinking, Man, it’s so crazy that we let a deformed cat become a meme, but I guess that grumpy cat is laughing all the way to the bank, so I’m the loser here!

Would it surprise you to hear, then, that another meme cat has come around, and this time it’s not grumpy — it’s happy. It’s a cat that is happy, and now we’re going to turn it into a meme.

Rey, a six-month-old kitten who was adopted by her owners because of her “friendly face,” is taking the internet by storm with her placating, gentle demeanor, and curiously upturned lips. Is this cat smiling, or is it just a nice-looking cat? Can we really call it a smiley cat? Before you can even answer those questions, it’s become a meme, so don’t even try.

It is very cute, though. We’ll give Rey that.

Oh Good, Another Meme Cat