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Stella McCartney Has You Covered Next Fall

Perfect puffers at Stella McCartney.
Perfect puffers at Stella McCartney. Photo: Imaxtree

We’re recapping our five favorite moments from each day of Paris Fashion Week. Below: the best, prettiest, and weirdest things we saw on Monday.

1. Stella McCartney has winter on lock. Seriously, if next winter again reaches subzero temperatures, we’ll all be investing in Stella McCartney’s puffers. They looked extremely warm and came in bronze and midnight-blue velvet.

Photo: Daniele Oberrauch/Imaxtree

2. Sacai turns black and blue. The Sacai show had a string of looks that we could see ourselves wearing, like this blue printed wool jacket with elongated sleeves and fur trimming, worn with a midi-skirt with buckle detail.

3. Eating like a Parisian. Tucked into a small alleyway is Frenchie, one of Paris’s most difficult-to-snag tables. The tasting menu (including foie gras with pineapple two ways, fish carpaccio with crispy quinoa and lemon, duck with lentils, and a dessert of warm chocolate ganache and chilled mint) at the tiny spot was one of the more memorable meals we’ve ever had in Paris.

Photo: Armando Grillo/Imaxtree

4. The white suit at HermèsElegant and simple, with a cropped pant to make it modern.

5. Saint Laurent’s heart-shaped coat. From the back of the look, the coat became a heart shape and a walking love letter to Paris.

Stella McCartney Has You Covered Next Fall