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Peter Brant II’s Lawyer Tells It Like It Is, Calls Brant an ‘Idiot’

Peter Brant II, JetBlue persona non grata.
Peter Brant II, JetBlue persona non grata. Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Peter Brant II has never had the best judgment, like when he joked about killing a sitting president and then posted it to Instagram. So it doesn’t come as wholly surprising to hear that he managed to get arrested at JFK airport.

Brant, who is the son of Stephanie Seymour and billionaire Peter Brant, was arrested on Wednesday for assaulting a Port Authority cop. While trying to board his flight to West Palm Beach, Brant got a bit upset when JetBlue decided he was too drunk to get on the plane — despite having only, according to him, three drinks. Per an assistant district attorney, “[Brant] became very agitated, upset and boisterous about being refused boarding” and the cops were brought in.

If there’s anything more humbling than being pulled up in front of a judge for starting a fight at the JetBlue check-in desk, it might be that even your lawyer thinks it was a dumb move. While moving to get Brant released on $5,000 bail, his lawyer, Philip Russell, astutely noted that, “He acted like an idiot.” Hard to disagree with that.

Peter Brant II’s Lawyer Declares Him an ‘Idiot’