Please Don’t Vote Just Based on Your Tinder Match

Bernie Sanders, winning minds and hearts.
Bernie Sanders, winning minds and hearts. Photo: JEWEL SAMAD

Tinder isn’t satisfied with cornering the market on connecting you with creepy dudes — now it wants to add a more civic bent to its dating app. For the duration of the presidential election, Tinder has taken it upon itself to make sure you swipe right on the right candidate.

Tinder users might find their usual stream of dudes-with-tigers photos interrupted by a “Swipe the Vote” card. It asks you to answer ten questions — like should same-sex marriage stay legal — by swiping right or left to signify if you agree or disagree with the position. Based on your answers, Tinder will tell you which of the candidates you are the best match for.

On Friday, the company released the first round of results from its first round of swipe-votes and found that most of Tinder’s population were feeling the Bern. He pulled 37.8 percent of users. Hillary was a scant 200 matches behind him (though she won more states outright, 30 to Sanders’s 21). The Republican candidates were represented as well, but trailed far, far behind, with Ted Cruz leading with 14.3 percent, and Trump registering with 8.1 percent. The campaign will continue through the entire election process, so look forward to seeing Bernie Sanders appear among your matches for the next eight months.

Please Don’t Vote Based on Your Tinder Match