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Aww! How Adorable Are These Dancing Genitals?

No means no
No means no Photo: Project Consent

This week Project Consent — a nonprofit campaign whose goal is “to combat and deconstruct rape culture by raising awareness of the harmful way with which it is regarded in society” — released new animated videos with the goal of teaching the general public about consent. The videos feature simultaneously adorable and horrifying animations of disembodied genitals gleefully jumping around, until the penis (or in one video, a hand) makes a move. Once the vagina/boob/butt say no, the offender backs off.

Nope. Photo: Project Consent

The founder of Project Consent, University of Kansas student Susan Li, told Mic, “We didn’t want to use metaphors or analogies or dance around the subject, because ultimately, that’s counterproductive.”

Of course, the Barbie-fication of the animated privates makes the videos look a lot like a NSFW version of the animated Christian children’s series VeggieTales. They also don’t advocate for the best consent practices, pushing a “no means no” approach instead of affirmative consent.

At least you’ve got some cute new wall art:

Me on a first date.