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RBG Won’t Be Stretching Herself in Acting Debut

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the consummate judge.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the consummate judge. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

While Congress refuses to move forward (despite protest) in appointing a ninth justice to the Supreme Court, current benchwarmer Ruth Bader Ginsburg is branching out beyond just determining the law of our land. The Supreme Court justice and soon-to-be-author is adding another job to her résumé: actress.

Triple threat Ginsburg will appear this summer in a production of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Some might say it borders on typecasting, but RBG will be playing a judge during Shylock’s trial in a staging of the play celebrating the 500th anniversary of Venice’s Jewish quarter. Let’s hope she doesn’t find the thrill of the stage more attractive than the thrill of defending women’s rights from the Supreme Court bench.