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This Highlighter Works Like Magic

No bunnies included.
No bunnies included. Photo: Net-A-Porter

Like a magician’s sleight of hand, this new product from RMS Beauty says, “Hey, look over here at my glistening cheekbones!” while diverting attention from the features you want to minimize. Like the brand’s cult highlighter, the Living Luminizer (the product responsible for all those dewy J.Crew complexions), it has the magical effect of making you look well-rested by drawing light away from the shadowy, tired areas of your face, bathing your skin in a soft J.Lo-like glow.

Neither shimmery nor glittery, with no vivid chunks of sparkle, the luminizer has a rose-gold tone that makes you look slightly sun-kissed. While Kim Kardashian’s favorite highlighter screams for attention, this one speaks authoritatively, like Amal Clooney in a press conference. Creator Rose-Marie Swift (Gisele Bündchen’s makeup artist) designed it to let you play beauty DJ — mix it with other products to create unique luminizers of your own. I tried it with a blush and a lipstick, and both instantly became sheer, glow-y washes of color. Patted in a C shape around the outer corners of your eyes and above your cheekbones, it’s magic even for beauty Muggles.

RMS Beauty Master Mixer, $38 at Shen Beauty and RMS Beauty.