A Salad Cake Is Still a Salad

This is the real deal.
This is the real deal. Photo: Getty Images

No one — no matter how proud — is safe from the occasional dismal lunch salad, often consumed while dreaming instead of an indulgent slice of cake. Would it be better, and less traumatic to our fragile souls, if we could disguise those dismal lunch salads to look like a slice of cake? A new cafe in Nagyoa, Japan, hopes so.

Photo: PR Times

Last year, food stylist Mitsuki Moriyasu came up with the idea for vegiedeco salads, where all kinds of healthy vegetables were shoved into the form of a cake and frosted with either cream cheese or tofu. The idea was supposedly so enticing to people that an entire café (called the Vegiedeco Cake Cafe) is slated to open at the beginning of April.

Here’s the truth, though: A salad cake is still salad.

A Salad Cake Is Still a Salad