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New York Magazine’s Sex Lives: When Is a Person Best at Sex?

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At what point in a person’s life do all the words of wisdom, moments of body acceptance, sex-ed lessons, and actual experiences add up to them being really good in the sack? Eighteen? (Ha.) Fifty-six? No, it’s the age of 32, reports a British survey. Because this survey was conducted to coincide with the DVD release of The Last Witch Hunter starring Vin Diesel, it’s probably safe to say it might not be the definitive answer.

Sex Lives trusts the data collected by Autostraddle’s NSFW editor, Carolyn Yates, more. She conducted a survey of lesbian sex lives called “The Ultimate Lesbian Sex Survey (For Women Who Sleep With Women),” which polled more than 8,000 women. Yates is still culling responses, but the most interesting bit of information she’s found so far has to do with attitudes about period sex (Do you have it? Do you like it? Does it gross you out?); she shared her theories about what it says about you if you’re a blood hound.

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Sex Lives: When Is a Person Best at Sex?