Please Shut Your Beautiful Mouth About Double Standards in Catcalling, Henry Cavill


In an interview with The Sunday Times, actor, professional handsome person and Superman star Henry Cavill did something very unfortunate: He used his public platform to express his bad opinions about catcalling.

“I do think there’s a bit of a double standard, you know,” Cavill said in reference to catcalling. “I mean, if a girl shouts something like ‘Oi, love, fancy a shag?’ to me as I walk past I do sometimes wonder how she’d feel if a builder said that to her. Although, of course, I wouldn’t feel physically threatened, as she might.”

While catcalling is certainly impolite, it isn’t reverse sexism, because that doesn’t exist. We’ll stop objectifying men when the pay gap is closed, there’s a female president, and they stop dressing Wonder Woman in a bathing suit. Your move, Superman.

Shut Your Beautiful Mouth, Henry Cavill