SNL’s Hillary Woos Millennials by Being Bernie

Hillary Clinton’s naked desire for a piece of the young-voter pie is easy to mock. Last night, Kate McKinnon’s spot-on Clinton impression was anxious to convince the many, many (so many!) millennials that she “shares all of your exact same beliefs.” Things start out simple, with Clinton adopting rhetorical flourishes that sound suspiciously Bernie-like. She’s mad that the top 10 percent control 90 percent of the wealth, and believes that no bank is too big to fail, no executive too — you know the rest. The Sanders-like touches add up as she begs for the youth vote to move over to her, and quickly escalate to a full-on Bernie impression, complete with ill-fitting suit and white wig. “I’m whoever you want me to be,” McKinnon’s Clinton sighs at the end.”I’m trying here, guys.”