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Hot Robot Feels More Emotions Than Your Ex

Sophia the Robot.
Sophia the Robot. Photo: CNBC

Sophia — presumably the less hot sister of that Ex Machina girl — is an extremely lifelike robot created by Hanson Robotics to “assist with healthcare” and the eventual destruction of the human race.

Named for and modeled after the wife of her creator, Dr. David Hanson, Sophia “has cameras in her eyes and algorithms which allow her to see faces so she can make eye contact with you.”

Sophia is basically a more emotionally intelligent version of your ex.

She is not only capable of understanding speech and carrying a conversation, but also can make 60 highly specific facial expressions. Here are some examples:

Photo: CNBC

When your date says he’s voting for Trump.

Photo: CNBC

When you see your ex with his new girl, but she’s not as cute as you.

Photo: CNBC

When that girl who was talking mad shit about you pretends to be nice to your face.

Photo: CNBC

When there’s free food.