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We Asked a Man What This State Department Tweet Even Means

Photo: TravelGov/Twitter

Max Read, senior editor: 

Jessica Roy, news editor: I can’t parse that tweet.

Dayna Evans, staff writer: @travelgov i’m a 10

Max: Travel dot gov is negging you.

Dayna: Please continue …

Jessica: We need this mansplained.

Susan Rinkunas, health writer: Wait, if you’re not a 10 you have to buy your own drinks?

Jessica: Why would you being ugly make you buy drinks for other people?

Aude White, publicist: No, like, if you’re not a 10, boys don’t want to buy you drinks cause you’re not hot.

Diana Tsui, market editor: So you have to buy your own and then get robbed? So basically, if you’re ugly you will get roofied?

Jessica: But it says if you’re not a 10 don’t be lured into BUYING expensive drinks.

Max: There’s a scam where you get taken to a club or whatever. And hot people of the opposite sex are like “buy me a drink!” — or the same sex, NOT to be heteronormative.

Jessica: Okay, wait, go back. What is a club?

We Asked a Man: What’s Up With This Tweet?