A Taxonomy of Men on International Women’s Day

What noble men.
What noble men. Photo: Barbara Freeman/Getty Images

It’s difficult for men to identify as a feminist without facing some backlash. After all, there’s little correlation between saying you’re a feminist and actually supporting women’s rights. But while some men are fearful of the response to posting anything gender-related on International Women’s Day, others are still down to let their progressive colors fly. Like anything remotely related to feminism and equal rights, there is, of course, also a sickening amount of misogyny around the hashtag on Twitter.

Let’s see how the men of the internet are holding up this International Women’s Day.

Effortlessly woke is a damn good look.

The Hypocritical

Nev Schulman, who once repeatedly punched a woman in the head, apparently still identifies as a feminist. Sorry, Nev, you abuse a woman once, and you’re out of the club forever.

The Real Real Real

Justin Trudeau, Canadian prime minister and dreamboat, delivered today as expected, by announcing that a woman — decided by a public vote — will be featured on Canadian currency.

The Patronizing

This tweet is a triple threat: unfunny, sexist, and patronizing. Someone give this man a prize!

The Questionable

America’s favorite woke white dude, Matt McGorry, naturally contributed something good and worthwhile.

But Jezebel writer Bobby Finger’s response offered the perfect commentary on why some other enlightened people might find him a little off-putting.

The Egg

Twitter eggs are the backbone of the trolling industrial complex. Like any other day, they reliably produced garbage.

The Straight-Up Misogynist

The Silent

Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, James Deen, Dr. Luke, Tyga, Corey Gamble, Joe Francis, Scott Disick, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, Pope Francis, Joe Biden, Michael Bublé, Robin Thicke, Simon Cowell.