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This Lorde–Taylor Swift Pic Looks Like an Album Cover

 Smoulder. Lorde/Instagram
Smoulder. Lorde/Instagram

At the Vanity Fair Oscar party Sunday night, Taylor Swift (in her Anna Wintour bob), her bud Lorde, and her bro Austin took on the night like pro models. But Lorde posted an Instagram shot, from Mark Seliger’s classy VF party photo booth, that looks too good to be casual. Like, so good it could be on the cover of a Lorde–T. Swift album. Then, just throw in rando Austin for good measure.

The three have made their rounds in the news this month, with Taylor’s recent Grammy win, Lorde strutting along with her “giraffe”-like friend on Insta, and Austin ditching his Yeezys after Kanye called out his sister in The Life of Pablo.

So, start brainstorming fictional names for this album. Maybe it will just be a one-track recording of Tay’s subtle Grammys dis to Kanye, with some somber Lorde vocals in the background. And maybe a video overlay of Austin repeatedly dumping his Yeezys in the trash. All right, that was possibly overkill, but a fun fantasy nonetheless.

Lorde–T. Swift Pic Looks Like an Album Cover