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Are You Ready for Your Eyes to Look Like Chanel Bags?

How to take a Chanel bag obsession to a new level.
How to take a Chanel bag obsession to a new level. Photo: Getty Images

Just when you thought there wasn’t one more thing Chanel could quilt or tweed-out, here comes this morning’s makeup look. Gone were the double-ponytails and the hair sausages of prior seasons, with the hair kept simple to make way for Coco Chanel bowler hats. Instead, the models’ eyes glimmered like the handbag wall at the Chanel boutique at 31 Rue Cambon, with an eye-shadow look that replicated the quilted pattern of a 2.55 bag from lash line to brow. Created by Tom Pecheux and his team, a perfect black wash of diamond shapes over the models’ eyes looked either airbrushed on, or like it had been created with tons of Bioderma Crealine and Q-tips. The lips were kept relatively neutral, and it looked like there were some clumpy or spidery lashes on the top and bottom (maybe we can call it a “quilted” lash look). At least it’s a little easier to achieve than those tweedazzled eyebrows! Plus, now you know what to get the person with a serious Chanel bag addiction.

Chanel Made Models’ Eyes Look Quilted