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Woman Manages to Apply Entire Face of Makeup While in Labor

There's never a bad moment to be glam. Alaha Majid/Instagram
There’s never a bad moment to be glam. Alaha Majid/Instagram

Though it has its issues, the phrase “pain is beauty” definitely applies to this situation. New York–based makeup artist Alaha Majid brought her entire makeup kit to the hospital and applied its contents while she was in labor. Really, two cups full of brushes, a mirror, and an eye-shadow palette.

But when the fact that she was in full-on labor became too blatantly obvious to ignore, her husband was on standby to keep up the makeup application, as a dependable partner should be.

Majid had her baby, Sofia, last month, but since she posted her in-labor makeup pics a week ago, they’ve gone viral. And no wonder  — it’s certainly a feat to manage a full makeover and, you know, simultaneously push a small human out of your body.

By the way, she didn’t just do her makeup, she mastered it; look at those flawless lashes.

This Woman Did Her Makeup During Labor