Extremely Persistent Tinder Match Fails to Get Date Using PowerPoint

Photo: Carlina Teteris/Getty Images

Tinder is hell. If you make the wrong snap judgment about whom to swipe right on, you open yourself up to potential insults, sexual harassment, bad GIF usage, or worse — an extremely banal conversation.

Or, if you’re really unlucky, you’ll have a guy make you a PowerPoint to convince you to go out with him.


The normal response to this dilemma would be to say, Oh darn, and keep swiping.

But Hunter is a nice guy. And nice guys don’t give up so easily. They’ll fight for you, even if they’ve only seen your picture and read your two-sentence bio. So our dear Hunter decided to make a PowerPoint presentation to convince Amanda to ditch her flight (paid for by her employer) in order to stay in Austin and go out with a stranger.


Although we’d argue that a true “perfect gentlemen” would’ve respected Amanda when she initially told him she was going back to Chicago, Amanda appears undeterred.


Either Amanda is trying to let him down gently, or she is truly moved by Austin’s PowerPoint game. But um, Amanda, from one girl to another? It’s not even that good. Next time at least make him use Word Art.

Tinder Match Makes Mediocre PowerPoint for Date