Tinder Will Make It Easier to Share Ridiculous Profiles With Friends

Judging just got easier.
Judging just got easier. Photo: Nicky Loh/Bloomberg Finance LP via Getty Images

Making fun of the ridiculous Tinder profiles you come across is hard work. You’ve got to take a screenshot and then text it to your buddies so they can appreciate it. And what if the profile is truly a goldmine of nonsense? What if someone is posing both with a tiger and a fish? That’s a lot of individual screenshots to send. Now Tinder is going to, unintentionally, make mockery easier with a profile share button that the company’s blog assumes its users will employ to play matchmaker for their friends.

For select users, a new button will appear on some prospective matches’ profiles that allows them to generate a link they can text to a friend. If the person you send it to is also on Tinder, they’ll be able to swipe left or right on the shared profile, and possibly match. After five clicks or 72 hours, whichever comes first, the link will be dead and you can no longer mock — sorry, matchmake — weird Tinder denizens with your pals. Seems like someone in Tinder’s design team knows what’s up, because five clicks is the ideal number if you’re dropping a ludicrous profile in your favorite group text chain.

Tinder Makes Sharing Ridiculous Profiles Easier