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You Guys, Trump’s Gross Comments About Women Were Jokes This Whole Time

Donald Trump
Donald Trump Photo: George Frey/Getty Images

It seems that women really can’t take a joke!

In a phone interview with a local Wisconsin television station, Donald Trump said he was totes kidding when he made all those comments about women! If only the female brain had the capacity to understand his nuanced humor.

Which stuff was he joking about? We can’t be too sure. In response to a question about his anti-women sentiments, Trump said:

Well, number one, I’m no different than anybody else, and people joke, and I joke. And I never knew I was going to be running for office. And you joke, and you kid and say things, but you’re not a politician so you never think anybody cares.

All of a sudden you decide because the country’s doing so badly that you’re going to run for office, and then they take every single thing that you’ve ever said over a lifetime. Much of that I said in jest, much of that I said — although with the Fox debate, I didn’t say that in jest at all. I said that 100% because Megyn Kelly never treated me fairly and everybody knows it. But you say things, and I guarantee you I’m no different, if anything I’m far better than the people I’m running against.

You can’t blame him for his sexist “jokes”! Heck, he didn’t even know he was going to run for office. And he was probably just playing a character anyway.

Tip to Trump: Next time take a note from Kanye and just say it’s performance art.

Trump Was Kidding When He Said That Sexist Stuff