Women Read Super Sexist Casting Calls

The entertainment industry isn’t known for displaying the great diversity among human beings, particularly when it comes to roles for women. They tend to be very young, very thin, and conform to rigid traditional ideas of femininity. Turns out that’s exactly what creators, or at least their casting directors, are asking for, and often in language fit to make feminist blood boil.

Inspired by the blog Casting Call Woe, artists Julie Asriyan, Laura Bray, and Jenna Ciralli took the flood of casting notices on the Internet and asked a diverse range of female actors to read the cartoonishly discriminatory role descriptions for women. The video is filled with gems like “Lead actress needed for film about feminism. She is moderately attractive,” and “Just so you know, you aren’t being exploited. The director gets naked in all of his films, so you won’t be alone.” Then there’s the surprising-only-for-its-naked-honesty “Females applying for this role should be between 18 to 25. Males can be much older.”