Yep, This Sports Bra Has a Knife Pocket

The following are materials you might consider while preparing for a run: Athleticwear of some kind. Shoes. Distracting, motivational playlist (Rihanna). Knife-bra.

Yes, a knife-bra; it’s a thing.

After she was nearly attacked on a trail run last year, Jennifer Cutrona started Booby Trap Bras, reports Fox 59. On her site, Cutrona sells the Just in Case Knife Bra, which goes for $55 and features a compartment that can store a knife to be whipped out and used on someone at a moment’s notice. Knife sold separately.

There’s also a pepper-spray bra option, called the Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra, which has the same purpose, but holds a self-defense weapon with fewer sharp edges. It’s also a tad cheaper at $50.