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Someone Has Finally Written a Novel About Male Desire

John Colapinto
John Colapinto Photo: Madison McGaw/

John Colapinto is a true renegade. In a sea of politically correct novels written by prudish women and castrated men, he had the courage to write Undone, a novel about a man who has a fetish for teenage girls.

Getting his novel published wasn’t easy. Forty-one publishers rejected it, probably because it was just too good. He did eventually find an independent publisher, disproving the notion that things never work out for men.

“By exploring heterosexual male lust, Mr. Colapinto has written the kind of novel that has gone way out of fashion,” a recent New York Times profile coos.

Colapinto explained to the Times“Men — at least the men I knew — were still driven by all manner of unruly sexual impulse, however guiltily. So I decided to address that in as confrontational a way as possible.”

They said a novel about male sexual desire couldn’t be written. But they didn’t know John Colapinto.

Someone Has Written a Novel About Male Desire