Anna Wintour Is Never Not Drinking Coffee

Anna Wintour. Coffee. Photo: Getty Images/Mike Marsland/Contributor Photo: Mike Marsland

When The First Monday in May, a documentary about the Met Gala, debuted at Tribeca Film Fest, viewers noticed one chief pattern throughout, says “Page Six”: Anna Wintour and her staff are pretty much always holding a cup of coffee. The site reports that at the film’s after-party at Spring Studio Wednesday, reporters were abuzz over Anna’s apparent caffeine fix.

And a Guardian review points to a Starbucks cup’s presence in the movie as much as the Vogue matriarch’s shades:

“And in The First Monday in May, she frequently appears to be playing a part in line with her alter ego in The Devil Wears Prada, cloaked behind huge designer sunglasses and tethered to a venti Starbucks cup.”

On that note, cue Emily Blunt’s frantic line from The Devil Wears Prada: “And she will want more Starbucks when she gets back — hot Starbucks.”

Anna Wintour Needs Her Coffee