What’s That? An Award for Allison Williams?

Allison Williams at the DVF Awards.
Allison Williams at the DVF Awards. Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Allison Williams is many things: an actress on Girls, the daughter of Brian Williams, 27 years old, etc. Should she win an award or several? How many awards would Allison Williams get, if you were in charge of awards? 

You don’t have to answer right now, but think about the number while we discuss what Allison Williams has been up to lately. According to “Page Six,” she recently attended the DVF Awards at the United Nations in New York City, where she presented Diane von Furstenberg’s “Inspiration Award” to the Tony Award–winning playwright and actress Sarah Jones.

When it came time for her to present the award, however, something funny happened. Per “Page Six”: Williams “inexplicably forgot to hand Jones the statuette and start[ed] leaving the stage.”

(Let’s note here that Allison Williams was not up for any awards that night, and Sarah Jones already has some awards.)

Williams did finally hand the thing over, but it is not clear if she did so by choice. “At the last minute, [she] caught herself, and quipped, ‘DVF, I’m sorry!’” “Page Six” reports. 

Is that inspiring? Please consider Allison Williams for your awards.